Reviews for "GunChest Episode 04_01"


Great graphics, great sound. BOOOOORRRINNNGGG story, WTB episodes half the time in length for double the action.


Reminded me of porns where the people in them really they they are there to "act" Shut up and get to it already.

Stick witht the korean a littel longer

The English acting brings shame to us English speaking ppl, perhaps is we heard less of it for a long time though out your episodes we will miss it. ... maybe


okay it seems like NG has got to open a gunchest collection! =)

very stylish series you're making there

5 anks out of 5

I'm thoroughly enjoying this series, watched since the first one, and I actually preferred it when it was in korean(i think), you're very good at what you do, continue to build on the series and expand what you know


the Lipsync= a few didn't sync with the voices

However everything else was Awesome