Reviews for "- LD - Find Me"

This song makes me feel like I'm in a dream, chasing something/someone and being chased. And I run on clouds, and then in a forest. The ground is all sand and I can't really run but it's still an enjoyable run. Everything is colored and blurry, a bit psychedelic.
And every time I listen to this song, this daydream comes back. Love it.


Amazing work! The instrumentation was perfect. Also, i really loved the vocals. Can't wait to hear more!


Fatten up those drums. Drum and bass is mostly about the drums. It's the attention grabber that's lacking here. Give that snare some mid frequency. Compress, distort, layer, EQ and repeat as necessary. You can do sooo much to those drums. Perhaps even add a kik with some more mids. Add some tambs. Add some shakers. Reverb just waists room when your talking drums. Add AUX instead of adding reverb.

That bass/reese is sexy but you could probably do for some distortion. Don't be afraid to play with things here. This song is an awesome skeleton. It just needs some serious flesh.

Truly an Experience

On it's own, I would not have reviewed it rather highly. The vocals, however, complete this experience, and give it a new feeling altogether.

Well done, sir.


Sucks that a track this good isn't rated as highly as it should, very chilled stuff you got going mate. You mixed two different styles really well, without making the lead chorus monotonous and repetitive. Well done, 5/5