Reviews for "Aftermath by Games2win"


i liked it but mo guns n stuff like dat would ave been welcome lol
i managed to finish it :D

Pretty cool

I like the graphics and the style of gameplay. However, the guy seems to have a sliding problem when he lands. I jumped forward, landing next to a barrel, and sliding right through it. Still needs some more work, but you're definitely moving in the direction.

Not bad

Good graphics and decent sounds.

I noticed your bullet disappears if you get hit, though... And sometimes you can expend bullets faster than they come out of the gun, if you're hammering down on the trigger.

Good stuff though.


It was interesting for the first few minutes. I hope there was more to the game, but the first while was too repetitive to hold my interest. It certainly looked interesting though with its color theme and such.

Got boring quickly.

Unless you are bored, I suggest you don't play this..Nice graphics however, but the music did get annoying.