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Reviews for "ParagonX9 - Red 13"

I saw you and then...

i saw RED XIII and i knew this song was gonna be amazing! Thank you for your work! Never give it up!


Another perfect song from you! Keep it up.

This was one awesome track you made X9 and I expect no less from you what a way to start off 2012 with this track,the beat was awesome and had a good fast pace yet everything synced out perfectly also the song was long as hell too and the quality was best as usual,canmt wait to hear more from you one of the best all time in the Audio Portal. :-)

Honest to God, this is epic & beautiful! When I heard this it reminds me so much of an epic Golden Sun or Final Fantasy themed song, until I read the title "Red 13" (the same beast from Final Fantasy 7 perhaps?)! I wouldn't be surprised if you were inspired by FF. =)
Epic stuff - Keep this up! I love pretty much everything you make! =D

I've been listening to your works for years, having saved many songs to my hard drive and transferred them between various computers. I only recently have returned to stalking Newgrounds as I used to and figured I'd look up the various artists I enjoyed before. I must say that you've yet to fail to impress, the songs I used to listen to, and the new songs which you've submitted since then still are both entertaining and very well done. I could easily sit and listen to one of your songs over and over again (as I'm prone to do with any good song) whilst reading a book, writing on my story, or even playing a game that has it's own sound which I lowered to listen to the music I prefer. Yours.

Of course I'm not saying yours is the only music I listen to, that would be incredibly difficult to believe and one hell of an obvious lie. However the fact still remains, very well done, this piece and your other works.