Reviews for "ParagonX9 - Red 13"


very awesome, its gone onto my 'questing list'
basically I mute game music for whatever rpg im playing and set my I-pod to 'shuffle'
cant wait for more.

Quite Awesome

did you by any chance have Mario&Luigi:Bowser's inside story as inspiration when making this? :P the final battle music there and this got some similarities, this is still a epic song

(btw, if you did have that inspiration, and i was correct, do i get a cookie? :3)

ParagonX9 responds:

Yes it definately was inspired by that game!
And suure! *gives cookie*


A long quality song by you. ^.^

It's been a while.

See you l8ters on Mario Kart. <3

ParagonX9 responds:

Hurray! see you at mk7! ^^ thanks!