Reviews for "ParagonX9 - Red 13"

Lol Bowsers Inside Story was the first game I owned, got it for my 7th birthday. Meaning this is one of the most nostalgic songs I've heard in my life. Of course, there's people saying your music all sucks and gets high ratings because of a bunch of brainwashed people, but they are all crapfaces. Who cares about them? I was introduced to electronic music from GD, which uses so much of your music. I look forward to your return!

Still luv this song to this day

am i the only person here who thinks this sounds a bit like bowser's inside story's boss?

Amazing song, but way too repetitive. o_O

I can picture me running trough big plains of nothing but grass and a few trees there and there.
I really liked the way you constructed the song!