Reviews for "ParagonX9 - Red 13"


in the first 5 seconds, i said: i will download this shit and listen every day!!!!


this is greatest your work!
song sounds buityfull/
i love it

great... but....

the bass is a little muddy.. and i had to agree with RSAsterix here, this songs a bit too long. nice tune though love it

OMG Your Back! Yes!!!

Love your music!!!!

More of the same

Let's get one thing straight: I'm a big fan, I love your music. I even put together some of your songs into an album that I always carry with me on my iPod/Phone.
But knowing some of your other songs so well, I have to say this one kinda disappoints me. I get the feeling that it could have been an under-3-minute song. Repeating the same stuff over and over again makes it 7 minutes, and that's just not what I like very much. None of my favorites have that aspect: in most of your other songs, almost every measure brings something new. I didn't get that idea in Red-13.
It has a lot of potential, but IMHO you stretched it too long.
Please don't take this as trolling though, I still am a big fan and I'd still love to meet you some day (I'd happily travel to Almere for a concert, especially since I live in Arnhem, so that should be too long of a drive...).