Reviews for "Ecto The Dark Light"

I give you kudos for effort.

I gotta wonder just how bad your first flash was if it got blammed quickly. This one, on the other hands, shows exactly what I wish others would do -- actually take the time out to create a good piece of flash, rather than just submitting their latest creation that took them, what, five minutes? But your multimedia class has paid off very well here in this flash, since even though the fact that you are a beginner of sorts is evident in this pic, the amount of effort put into this work is also clear. It has a great premise, the drawings are realistically good enough to denote patience, and the choice of music was spot-on. I give you a seven here because the artwork and animation style are obviously lacking, but I doubt you'll neglect to resolve that some in your next flash.

I really liked this one. It shows much potential, and, better yet, the ideal of quality over quantity. For your first flash in five years, you've done very well. Now let's see what you can do.

Not great

But i liked it. Especially for ur first flash. Good job the story kinda reminded me of Jak III, was that ur influence? But anyways i liked it just work on ur animation. Hope to see more keep rockin \m/

improvement is required

ok, as this is your first time, i understand that it takes time to learn stuff, but you really got to improve if your submissions are to survive here. Good luck with this.

Everyone starts somewhere

This is a very solid start. Decent story and the animation shown here is actually a pretty good starting point.

Could use work

Graphic Quality and smoothness of the animation could use work, the storyline was a really good start.