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Reviews for "The black Fish 2"

Yay, Go Black FIsh!

Simple, but awesome

Sanxxx responds:


Just amazing

I remember watching the first video and you can really see the improvement in this one. I love the underdog story and how the black fish strives to be better then all. Keep makin flashes man. This must have taken a lot of work there was a lot of tweening. I would pick better music and I wouldn't use standard text it kind of ruins the mood a little. He should get him eating planets or something soon.

Sanxxx responds:

Cool that you actually remembered the first video!


The overall story of the flash is good, along with some of the animation, but a few parts were a bit badley drawn, but ill give you a 9 nonethless, up your animation and drawing skills, and i hope to see part 3 ^_^

Sanxxx responds:

Thanks for the review, but I am not sure about a part 3.


its alright i guess dont know if i wanna see part 3, your fish-birds were stiff you should do something about that and maybe put some more effort into your backgrounds too. backgrounds are important :) bye bye