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Reviews for "A Carbonwater Halloween"

Interesting but boring

It was interesting.. but it felt bland.


Funny.But I give you a 8/10 and 4/5 cuz I really hate that kind of voice acting.I also hate strawberry clock cuz he is stupid.

great except for the speakonia sounds.

yea I thought it was pretty good, but I hated the voices in this, if you had voice actors you could have got them to voice the cartoon. oh and you said its much easier to type in text than speak... you couldn't be more 100% wrong! typing takes 2-3x longer, add a few more on for spelling mistakes, whereas speaking into a microphone only takes a few seconds. and if its also cus you dont have a microhone, next time get one, and get some other voice actors.

Anyway I dont wanna be a skapoot! (god knows what that word means, its just funny when luigi says it in the nintendo collab" this was surprisingly funny :) keep it up :P

Carbonwater responds:

For me it takes longer to use real voices. Because the sound card in this computer was gone to hell, so I can't record my voice without this whining noise in the background.
So i've gotta use another computer then transfer the sound file over with my USB and then cut out the lines I want with Audacity and import them into flash.
Overall, it's just a big pain in the arse for me to do.


How does a red death monster bcome aids?
intresting animation

Carbonwater responds:

It's science, that's how.


Well, that made me laugh. The plot was good...and that ending. I admit, I wasn't expecting that one! Keep it up!