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Reviews for "A Carbonwater Halloween"

Great Job!

It has great art work, but I think It would be a lot better if you actually had voices though..
anyway, 9/10 4/5


ok i guess

it was good except its nothing new, the voices suck and if he made it an actual animation with better voices it could have been better, and was it suppose to be funny?

Very nice

Stuck to it's story(somewhat), very funny, well animated. Everything you were going for was in that flash, all thumbs up.

Oh no, it's a frame by frame animated monster! It's horrible!

You have AIDS.

I believe that song in the credits is from Team America or whatever it's called.


Nothing new and well the voice acting was terrible!
Dude work on your humor some time.
But good job and the cartoons were at a level of "Pretty Cool!"


It would have been better with actual lip syncing, but it was awesome nonetheless,
and nice choice of music man! You had all my favorite background music in that one