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Reviews for "A Carbonwater Halloween"

Funny, and you have potential

I really like the humour in your storyline and your character designs. The use of thick and thin lines and the shading on the characters makes them look very polished. The animation and talking of your characters is a bit of a let down for your nicely drawn characters. You should put some more work into animating your characters actions, and move away from keeping the characters as only one movie clip which has been flipped or bounced around to convey movement. Find some voice actors (there is a huge amount of talent on some amateur voice acting forums) instead of using text to voice software. This will enhance the comedic impact of the funny lines the characters say. Replace the flapping of the mouths with proper lip syncing too. Also, your drawing style of using flat shapes of colour looks very clean, but it lacks detain in scenes where it is close up such as when they open the door of the house. If you included some detail on these shapes your scenes could be very impressive visually.

Fix up the animating and talking and I would be surprised if your future episodes didn't pass 4.00


That was alot of fun, your fbf monster was pretty banging too.

Carbonwater responds:

Hardcore banging.

O.o wut?

lol that was some horrible animation esept the part with the frame by frame monster but it was still pretty funny and ending was funny two 8/10 4/5

you have aids,damnit

but the voices were pretty bad but still good


Good animation and sounds. I enjoyed it thoroughly.