Reviews for "Sore Street Romance"


I didn't know people still made music like this. I love it. Also, don't worry about the trumpet sounding flat. It was perfect to contribute the mood of the song, sort of gritty and very noir.


I linked from you animation, to you page, to this because at first I thought you where just uploading music you liked from a professional artist.

after reading that you recorded this, all I can say is great job.

It's gorgeous!

I came here because of your animation... This is the one of the best songs what I've ever heard! Great Job! :D

Awesome stuff buuuuuuuuuut...........

please provide the lyrics!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

10/10 5/5 100 A+ otherwise

Basset-Hound responds:

Thanks for reviewing, the lyrics are in the description of the animation, check it out ;)

Overwhelming Sickness

Actually I'm diggin' the flat trumpet - it totally fits in. An amazing production - hard to picture how much work this was, great job!