Reviews for "Brackenwood: The Game"

I find this game too difficult.

The game is too hard. I am unable to beat level 1. Make sure to make things start out easy and progress. You need to make sure that a game is fun for the casual and hardcore.

Kwing responds:

Yeah... I know it was too hard, but was too lazy to fix it. The game wavers from very hard to about medium, and doesn't show any particular trend in difficulty rising or lowering.

dificult to the point of Xing out

i know everyone has said it too hard, and it is, but if you manage to get past the first few parts in the first level you get to one that you cant fit though or get over because the hittest seems to be too big. i think you need to put a lot more planing into your level design before you submit another one. also it was like at the beginning of the second level it was perfectly spaced out to be impossible to make the jump without slowing past the big "=" part and if you do slow down the level is so short after that that you have no chance of catching the black sphere. so yah put alot more thought into level design.

Kwing responds:

It's possible! You just have to wait until you get right before the Waterlolly and then jump, so that by the time you rise up to the part where you would hit the top roof, you've already cleared the = area.

Sorry bro...

.....but im retarded with wasd,..I need arrows. Rendering this unplayable......

Kwing responds:

WSAD is better in this instance, as you have to click "Try Again" so often, and so your right hand is closer to the mouse. Why the hell did you vote 2 just because ONE ASPECT of the game didn't perfectly go along with WHAT YOU PERSONALLY wanted?


Such a great video series at least deserves its own character, not just a re-painted sonic!

Kwing responds:

I don't think so. The Brackenwood series was actually pretty crappy if you ask me; I just made this because I was messing around with sprites.

you dont have to put everything on newgrounds

if you make a game, and its not fun, or at the very least original, why share it with the world
my suggestion is to make really smooth and fast paced and less frustrating so people can atleast say it was sorta fun

Kwing responds:

I put things up on Newgrounds for feedback. If I uploaded this to Spam the Web it would disappear forever into the abyss of endless uploads they handle daily. Here, I know that at least 200 people play every game I make and I'm guaranteed at least a few reviews for my work. Recognition is everything.

Your suggestion about smooth movement is already being worked on; I created a platform engine for Hoverman Racing that you might find better, although the game is pretty hard in its own. I'm working to improve some of the hitTest on my later games.