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Reviews for "~NK~ "Sweet Dreams" FULL"

Very well done

Man that is one awesome track, no reason not to love from the beginning to the end.
Keep up the incredible work.

amazing song

I don't get why people don't just give a 10. ur better at making this stuff than most other peoples.

Great Job Man!

Amazing job dude. I really liked it and I honestly have no Idea how you can do this in Fl Studio. Something I could never attempt to do. However It seemed a bit less organized as far as the main Bass goes. I loved all the base sounds, don't get me wrong. It just seemed a bit to random and there was too much variety. I still like Blacklight the best. If you kept that kind of base for the bass (lol) it would be unstoppable in my opinion. Keep up the good work ;)

Pretty cool!

0:40 and to the epic rave part is my favorite part! The drop is so sick, I love the 1:33-1:36 . The only part i didn't like is the blupblup blup lol at 0:18, just didn't fit really. But its a really cool song in all

this is expertly balanced at the start and finish.

in the beginning I could almost become lost in the mix between piano and dubstep, it was an excellent balance in the beginning, where the piano really just added that last needed touch to the odd sounding drops turning it into something epic.

But what I have to say I really thought was bad was the transition from dubstep, to tecno/trance. and back to dubstep starting at around 00:40, It really killed the buzz I had from listening to the beginning, and the dubstep after that really killed the middle part of the song for me. altho the little part at 01:19 did some to make it sound better. But that was not enough to save the middle of that song for me, as that it went on way to long, and was way out of place.

All in all I really think you should have stuck to the sound that you had at the start and finish of the song, maybe added some different sounds to keep it from being repetitive.

(Opinion may Differ) and keep up the good work, I still enjoyed the song!