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Reviews for "Get That Apple 4"


... this game just has it all! ultra violance, action packed gameplay, puzzles, a big ass storyline! wew... i think i just creamed myself...

Ushnor responds:

Thanks, I try!

If you like this game be sure to buy the tabletop RPG version, coming out some time in 2010.


Great action, I so totally love GTA 4, a great step up from the previous game, GTA 3, Too bad this isnt multiplayer

Ushnor responds:

I'm sorry about the lack of multiplayer, but I was afraid adding it would take focus away from the single player.

I'm glad to hear you like it better than Get That Apple 3. I'm always trying to outdo myself!


An excellent soundtrack..
Action-packed levels..
This game has everything

Ushnor responds:

Thank you, I'll use your glowing review in my ads for the console release.

Oh my god.

This is wonderful. If I were to add anything maybe I would add some puppies.

Keep the music. Don't ever change that.

Ushnor responds:

Does this look like "Get That Puppy"?

No it doesn't.

Adding puppies would undermine the apple getting aspects of the game.