Reviews for "SSC: ep 2"

that was awesome

i dont know about you guys but i think this was pretty cool....he gave you time to read the text too which i enjoy taking my time reading instead of rushing so that was good and it was animated wonderful as well


The audio was great, I saw glitches, like when it said
mario wins, but the animation was good, and so was the animation
speed, as well as the super forms where good as well, but you
could fix the text box thought, as well as when mario got
hit he short of change color like he turns brown then with, the fighting scenes where short but intense thought which is good, and perfect
timing of the attacks and nice choice of audio and
great fighting scenes, but im still not seeing the storyline to this flash and nice idea of metal sonic vs metal sonic, that pretty neat.
overall nice work!
can't wait for episode 3! :D