Reviews for "SSC: ep 2"

This is alot better than the first..

However, you need to add some music in areas that require it, like your opening title screen and your more subtle moments when the main characters are meeting in a specific spot. Just remember too that your story needs to be a bit more complex also, so add a little more unexpected twists and perhaps even more dialogue.

This has alot of potential! Just continue working on it, i'm sure this will actually be a very great story and will give alot of positive results.

sonicmcbob responds:

thx. thats where i lack is music. so if u kno anyone who makes great fighting music or anything pleaese PM me


Nicely done bro.. Can't wait for the ep 3

Fun to watch!

Well, that was entertaining to watch ^^ I personally liked the second fight, Mario vs Lucario vs Kirby vs Samus, the start of the fight was awesome and the end was impressive too! (He, Samus was fooled two times in a row! xD)

It´s a very interesting movie. I could say that putting a bit more of effort in special effects (like, energy bolts, diferent aura styles or a ghost image when some character is going at full speed) would make it more awesome. But that´s all. Great choices of sound effects, musics and Mario´s voices all the movie.

Keep it up! I´m looking for more of your art! ^____^


:D HeYlo i watch it and it was AWSOME i love pixle animation :D
but you gotta clean it up :/ i think everyone needs a SetFace blown up pixles doesnt help to know who it is, fill in the blank spots too always make it non-stop so the viewer is interested the whole way threw :D thank you for reading keep making them.

that was awesowm

i think i finally spelt awesowm rite
when they shoot beams there still to long
shorten the length of it plz

sonicmcbob responds:

no offense but thats kinda a dull complaint. there made to be that long