Reviews for "Crunchdown"

Dude you rock

l dont know why but l always like your games true there are bugs but there are littel bugs l liekd the animation the gameplay and the enemis.Keep up the good game work l think that u deserve 2nd or 1nd place.Oh well l love all of your stuffs

That was really good.

Hey, this is an instant classic in the tradition of crazy Newgrounds games. Addictive gameplay, good art style, smooth animation, and irreverent hilarity. If they aren't already working on a Newgrounds Rumble patch to incorporate..."Crunchman" as a playable character, they should be.


The dialogs were ignorant and funny and the gameplay was pretty good, i love eating things and reacting to them ie. getting some powers, great job!


This is an epic game, and silverwolf, you are probably lieing.


Kirby's on crack. Great game. Story was funny as fuck =D