Reviews for "Crunchdown"

I like this game and remember playing it when it first came out years ago so this is somewhat nostalgic playing it now. However the bugs that it had way back then still haven't been fixed and it has plenty of bugs so i will have to give this game 4 stars instead of 5.

This thing is good...real good. Not good to the point I would murder my entire family just to get enough money to buy it (by the way,where do I buy it?),but still good.
Let's examine:
Graphics were good and simple. Homever,it bugged at most points (For example,the weapons disappear when you are knocked down and sometimes they go through stuff). Most of the abilities,tough,were simply reskins of others.
I would like to give a bigger review,but i'm really stoned right now so bye haha.

Amazing its better than every whole amazing master killer Also if you knew theres CannonCrotch lOL

Epic game! I love it. i can't pause when i get a burger :(

what is this song of the first level