Reviews for "Crunchdown"


nice ending game was fun :D


I can't kill the policeman but he has no more life...

Very good game

I loved playing through this short, but juicy game and it's twisted storyline. It was very clever and original, and I was shocked at what the yellow guy said at the end. I wish there was a different storyline when you play as the yellow guy, that would be awesome. What I hated is that the yellow guy has such a short invulnerable time when he revives. Because of that its so hard to beat it with him.

The achievement system has definitely made the game better, even if it could survive without it.

There are several glitches though. Like, enemies disappearing and moving to unreachable places of the screen, as previous people have said, and when they arrive at the building with Ebenezeer Bearshark in it the computer is still the yellow guy even when you are playing the yellow guy, so there's two yellow guys.

I would love a sequel with an extended storyline, we still haven't found out what was causing the riots. If I could suggest an ability for the yellow guy, maybe he could do a backflip and damage nearby opponents and/or dodge attacks. Or possibly he could carry around small guns. He DID have a minigun in the back of his truck, smaller guns shouldn't be a problem...


ya th same glitch happend to me in the sports place


the same glitch happened to me witht the sports place