Reviews for "Deep Lift 2"

Good job you put monsters

Thanks for listening to me inless it was your idea to put the monsters but you should put floating panels that move you to place to place and oxygen tanks so you can get more oxygen in some lvls if you dont have enough

Awesome original...

Excellent graphics and audio. This is very challenging and fun. Once you get the jumping down it's very addicting. This original is highly recommended for all to play. Great job!..........vp

Needs a continue feature.

Pretty good, but it could benefit from a continue that sends you to the beginning of the set.


Well this was a nice game the controls are not too hard but can be hard at times and tends to be hard for me but maybe I'm not the only one the game itself is not bad has some smooth graphics and is kind of challenge of a game with everything you gotta do but anyways nice game

Could use some smoother controls


I really liked it.

Especially the graphics. They were above par for a flash game, not common at all do I see artwork of that calibur.

The game environment was nicely drawn and programmed as well. Like Ericho said, the idea was pretty original.

It can get a bit repetitive and boring at times, though it's still a neat little game.