Reviews for "Deep Lift 2"

Not bad

Could use some easier control

Needs a continue feature.

Pretty good, but it could benefit from a continue that sends you to the beginning of the set.

Good job you put monsters

Thanks for listening to me inless it was your idea to put the monsters but you should put floating panels that move you to place to place and oxygen tanks so you can get more oxygen in some lvls if you dont have enough

very good

I like the bubble box credits, with the shark swimming through, very nice.

Oh s#it!

I thought the previous was really hard and this one would be easier. But starting with only 2 lives, having the same conditions as before (can't control jump, needs incredibly accurate timing,...) and adding more difficult obstacles made me only play 2 levels.

I'm not gonna degrade it because I suck at this game, but it's too hard to enjoy.

Time played: 2 min