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Reviews for "CastleCrashing The Turtle"

fun but needs improvement

the gameplay could be improved. you could add more lvls and make the game longer. what would be good also if you could choose your knight. other than that exelent game.

Fun game

The game was pretty fun, and the humor was good too. Like the others said; there are still a few things that need to be worked on, such as the game play. There should be a few more attack options for your character, and the missiles fall too close to the turtle. Overall a good game though, keep up the good work.

U didn't figure out the gameplay

You need to plan out fun interesting gameplay.
You added some gameplay elements(ie blocking)
But there is no way to block unless you just time it like a dancer.
(The turtle doesn't make a gesture that shows it's about to attack)
Also, using physical attacks is useless with rockets falling from the sky.(you need to constantly move since the rockets will land on you if you are in melee range).
Basically, the game has more room for solutions than value.

FlaskMan responds:

well i enjoy playing it, and most of my friends do to, ill make much better stuff in my next game, count on it!

Good fun.

This game had me hooked for a reason I can't explain. I just enjoy these kind of games where you have to consistently perform well, even if the task is monotonous ( fireball walk away, fireball walk away, melee when approaching level up).

Some game play improvements I would really love to see:

- More rewarding level up system. At the moment you just gain damage and get fully healed. I'd like something similar to the original, like a change in model or attack animation.
- More rewarding victories. Trophies, bonus stats or some other sort of reward for beating each difficulty level would be cool. Trying to win OMFG AWESOME SAUCE mode for the password was a nice touch. I'm sure you could add to this!
- More informative interface. HP bars, MP bars, XP bars could have numbers? It's just nice to be able to measure how long til the turtle dies or I have to go to level.
- As already spoken below I found the missiles a little frustrating, because they restricted me from performing melee attacks. I felt landing melee combos was highly satisfying but the game didn't allow me to execute this frequently due to fire breath knockback or missile knockback. I suppose these were part of the challenge, but I'm sure you could introduce something else to allow the melee combo some more spotlight. Maybe take out either missiles or the fire breath in your next version (if you plan on making it, which I hope you do) and make the game need more experience for a level up.

I found your game a great treat and hope to see more updates to it. You're not far off from a completely hooking game. I really appreciate what you've done from your original version, and appreciate the hard work.

FlaskMan responds:

see now reviews like that i enjoy, they are constructive, not just some POS someone writes because they are angry


The melee combo doesn't really help since the missles still damage you even though you are near? This game is pretty stupid, just keep throwing fireballs and run. Just keep doing that. Almost no strategy at all... Try having more attacks for you and the enemy, missiles should hit the ground randomly, not where you are. You are standing right next to the turtle, you see the missiles exit the top left of the screen, and they fall down on you...how does that work out?

FlaskMan responds:

how does it worrk that towers fall apart when someone died(Z64) how does it work that aliens took over a town? how does it work that theres a TURTLE with SKIN and a ROCKET LAUNCHER and even a FOX TAIL? its a game it doesnt need to always make perfect sense.