Reviews for "Red Riding Hoodd"

it was good

could of used some more animation, and also a little storyline, i know it was little red riding hood, but there are some people that dont know that(i ronically that is something that is true). Also as an idea make if darker.

AustralianReject182 responds:

yeah, your review is actually spot on to what I thought myself. I left it too close to the due date to do more animation on it though. The Time restrictions also put a damper on the ability to tell the whole story.


I liked how little red looked, it was very twisted. I agree with one of the previous reviews in that it could have used some more animation. The flashing of still images does work to give it a very choppy, kind of "what's going on?!" scary theme but perhaps you relied on it too much? I also think that the post about it being longer was a good suggestion as well. So good art in an interesting style, but I don't really know how I feel about this flash as a whole.

AustralianReject182 responds:

Thanks for that. Your pretty spot on with your critiquing, I'll definatly take it on board.


you will get the other half of that 10 then you make it longer :D i know its a collage project but you could actually you know add to it! :) looks good though

AustralianReject182 responds:

Fair enough. it is very short, and I think I might build on it one day, just taking the vibe and general idea from this and making it into a more story fueled animation. Thanks for the review!

awesome and scary!!

i hope you put this into the halloween collection

this was really scary XD nice sound effects and animation n_n

AustralianReject182 responds:

Thanks alot! I did most of the sound effects myself so thankyou!


Nice ideas I guess....you could have added some animation