Reviews for "Red Riding Hoodd"

Wow :O

Well here we have some cool stuff! :O
well done! very good job!
Though, I think the wolf could've bee more scary :)
But well nice job!

Company of Hoods

Neil Jordan eat your heart out! You packed a deal of atmosphere into 30 seconds. I agree with most of the previous constructive criticism. I know you only had 30 seconds to make it originally, but why not extend it, now you know people like it? Think: "What big eyes/ears/teeth you have, grandma!"

This Movie Scared The Shit Out Of Me

Good Job!!!! 5/5 And 10/10 From Me Dawg!!!!

AustralianReject182 responds:

Why thankyou very much!

i need to change....

damn i think i just shit myself... that was really good it put fear into me... i like the way you made this Fairy tale into a Fairy Fuckin Nightmare... man i was not expecting that... as for the time o well it may be short but so is my dick and yet it still pulls in the bitches and gets the job done...

AustralianReject182 responds:

hahahaha, I think i need to change now too, your review is hilarious. Thanks mate.

Too short.

It had a lot of potential, but it was too short. It could have been longer to prolong the really suspenseful part at the end.

AustralianReject182 responds:

Yeah, we only had a limited time to work with though (30 seconds). Its a shame, I would have liked to make it longer and held the suspense a bit better.