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Reviews for "41st Reality"

ya good keep up the good work!

good game, and job.

you surely get that idea from another game he?

ya so good game


It's cool! I like how all the shapes break up and the simple colours. Good controls, I'd like it if there was a special button for shooting though, instead of it shooting all the time. Keep it up!

Nice one!

This game reminded me or geometry wars which is a good thing. Its addictive colourful and fun! Animation was smooth, the audio was catchy and the artwork was retro and colourful.

Keep up the good work.

Intense Experience

I enjoyed this game. Very old school and better version of asteroids. It owns.

Its like the best Atari games all put into one.

At first I was skeptical, I thought it was just an asteroids ripoff, but once I got into the game i realized it wasn't. I like the space invaders touch to it too. Fun game. The only thing I would suggest would be to add to the background a little bit, to give it sort of a 3D feel. Again, Fun game. Hopefully we'll see more. Front page material.