Reviews for "Goku vs Vegeta"

Pretty good

It was pretty good but you should ask one of the other flash creators for a few advice like Alvin-Earthworm to make it more realistic

OLD293 responds:

I don't wanna go bothering him, he's prob too busy...

This is just a test movie though, i'm experimenting with diff styles just to see what ppl's reactions are. I'm pretty sure I can do way better...especially when I start on DBZ The Mission part 2.

Really good sprite animation

It was pretty good. I liked the flash animation.

But I didn't like the parts where you switched to negative. It confused me a bit on who was who.

OLD293 responds:

Sorry, I thought it was a lil diff from what I normally do...i'll keep that in mind in future projects.

great test

this was a pretty decent sprite movie test. u should consider making actual full movies

OLD293 responds:


No over 9000 jokes.

That was some sweet animation skills with the sprites there. Some of the sound effects were a little too crazy out, like the high volume for example. Some suggestion...for this test movie...Maybe more custom sprite-ness? Not just a simple costume change?

Good stuff though.

OLD293 responds:

I've been wanting to do custom sprites, but I don't really know how yet =(. Still looking for something to help me with that before I start on part 2 of my next sprite movie.