Reviews for "Martyr's Edge"

5/5 for you good sir.

Symply Epic! I love it!

Just played the game this song was in and loved it. The music played a huge role in my enjoyment of the game I believe. It just fits it so well. The song stands pretty well on it's own to. Sounds like something would hear before the most major battle of a journey.

woah!! awesome!! just freakin awesome!!

Out of all the songs i listened to on newgrounds this is the most catchy of them all! When i played the game this song blew my mind with awesomeness!! It got me so into playing Trigger Knight that i slayed 2 dragons in one go!! (By luck of course) I'm listening to it right now and it makes me want to play Trigger Knight some more, so i'm going to go and slay 3 dragons in one go this time!! (wish me luck!! i'm going to need it.)


i don't need to say a thing about how good it is just for me say 10/10 and 5/5 vote