Reviews for "Pacos"


If this doesnt hit the front page i'm going to be shocked. This is truly addictive and catchy music lol

manu499 responds:

Thank you very much :-)


New ,..refreshing and fun. Whats not to like? Good work.

Pretty nice...

One of the better Pacmanalike games out here, but you'd need some bigger variety of ghosts and a better loop for it, but the gameplay was good, nice simple game with no glitches, pure fun :) I'd bet no blam guaranteed (stop the zero bombers PLEASE!) and I'd bet it'll be on a few favs - if you'll improve the things I said - in part 2 (which you'll make I hope) I'll give 5/5 10/10.
Good luck,

Needs some work

It's a good concept, but, as you said, there are a few bugs. Were you supposed to go through the white lines?

Also, the red arrow doesn't take you to the next stage (I guess that's what it does?)

Anyway, if & when all the bugs are fixed, you'll have a solid game.

manu499 responds:

Well the red arrow is just there to say that a red ghost will appear !
Sorry you are right, i understand that players thinks it's a new stage ! I will take that red arrow away from the final version.

Thanks a lot


A fun cool simple game thats easy to enjoy. This is like Pac Man I actually started playing with the arrow keys thinking it was. Different ghost colours is pretty sweet the coins food and everything else was a smart idea. Good game overall.