Reviews for "Bloons Tower Defense 3"

Great Game

Loved this game, a great challenge with many different approaches to winning. I loved that the upgrades weren't all plain old increase damage, attack speed, or range upgrades. Things get a little insane in the free play mode lol, level 57 got me. I had a couple errors though, they didn't seem to effect the game, more like warning popups.. I think it was the effects for towers not showing up. I got the message:

TypeError: Error #1009: Cannot access a property or method of a null object reference.
at IceBomb/frame1()

I also got another before I lost about pineapple bombs, is this on my side? The popups started around level 40 and I end up getting about 5 or 6 per level, with 2-4 ice towers on the map. And yes, my flash player is up to date.


that is an awsome game!!!!


I play this for, like, 2 hours and i never get bored :D If I do get bored, all i have to do is change the easy to medium or the medium to hard or just change the track and problem solved xD

It's so fantastic, i love playing it and the monkeys are SOOOO CUTEEEEEEE <3 Great job!

Really cool

This is a really cool games. Using a mix ok cannons and super monkeys got me through this game.


what?, this game is simply a-frickin'-mazing!