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Reviews for "Bloons Tower Defense 3"


i loved the first 2, and the 3rd doesnt dissapoint. the catapult was awesome, the new upgrades and those blimp things were all great. and to the guys below me reviewing, it's called tower defense THREE asking for a second is dull and ignorant, and dont worry about losing on lvl 48, i barely made it to lvl 54 and i had 3 fully upgraded super monkeys plus tons of other stuff.

btw the free play mode to keep going was an awesome adition too

Super rad!

I'll start off with some bugs and general unpleasantness I found. When you place a building close to the menu and select it the white radius can block the menu. This can get annoying if you're in frantic panic. After I reload a new level there's no sound for when that particular balloon explodes. There's no help section, so a first time player might get raped pretty easy. Finally, the levels seem a little incontinent. Sometimes I can go from being hit with barely a scratch right down to no lives!

Besides those small pitnickings this is a wonderful game! Tower defense has always been one of my favorite genres since I fell in love with them on Warcraft III. This one was unique in its own way and was very enjoyable. Any game that can keep me playing for four hours straight is defiantly doing something right. I'm going to play the locked levels on your site now! Excellent job!

Fun and simple!

Fun game and easy to understand. The towers felt balanced and it was fun to think up different strategies to use. I was able to reach lvl 61 on free mode which seems impossible because it sends 20+ blimps in a row!


Man This game is so addictive and fun to play, I can spend a whole afternoon playing this, I love it

Really fun game

The only thing that bothers me is that after lvl 50 with so many bloons on the screen the game starts to lag down, which seems to cause super monkey towers to fire slower.