Reviews for "Bloons Tower Defense 3"

I remember playing BTD3 on cool maths games when I was younger, good times.

another one,love it <3

all the Bloons series is very interesting

This game is rather fun! it offers a nice deal of challenge, while never getting old! the prices for the towers are fair, and make sense for the higher difficulty, as you progress the game gets harder and eventually introduces the M.O.A.B. (Massive Ordinary Air Bloon) which can be considered a type of boss, as any good boss would be, it is very difficult to defeat, but very rewarding after doing so, the originality of this game is impressive! rather than having tanks and guns with rocket launchers, you have a boomerang and monkeys with darts and rocket launchers! and each stage can offer a different strategy type! some require more boomerangs than others and some would need more missiles! making the game never be boring with how many different ways there are to play! but i do have 1 tee-nee-tiny issue (and this is a nit-pick mind you) but i feel like it could have more in it, but i guess that's what sequels are for! my overall rating is 4.5 stars! (I would've given it 4.9 but i cant) do i recommend this game? DEFINITELY!!! it is a great tower defense and great for beginners getting into the tower defense type games! it is perfect for anyone who wants to play a tower denfence where you can pop balloons as a monkey with darts!

@ddewerg, you're an idiot. You understand, that Warnockworld is this game's creator's account, right.
Anyway, this game is awesome.