Reviews for "Bloons Tower Defense 3"


great but hard, love buying arsenals of bombs and tacks
nice job

How to fix the freeezing!

It freezes because you used a Monkey Storm in the middle of the level so to fix it you just have to do another Monkey Storm and it will say level complete and you go onto the next level :)

Also, amazing game, I love how you can upgrade it up to different towers like Blade Shooter and Missile Launcher

So simple...

yet so original. keep it up.

Yeah good job

Challenging yet fun to play, very entertaining, addictive, i've reached round 67 and its like no chance of passing that round, well good job there kip up the good word^_^

great game but..

why does the game always freeze in round 42 in map 2 in easy? It´s kinda annoying -.- great game tho:D^^