Reviews for "Bloons Tower Defense 3"

what the heck at round 59

i barely survived at round 58 and died like what the hell in the next round.....its very addictive and fun. i say a 20/10. try going against a lot of blimps at once...............


i got to lvl 58 on the 1st level easy


Great game, super addictive. How do I unlock the extra levels though?


Loved all the new stuff u added and the maps and so on, it was better then the ones b4 and cant wait to see what u make next. 5/5 10/10

Great TD

I liked all the new things and upgrades. Also the new maps. But... Even tho i got to round 70 on 2 of the 4 diff maps... I still thinkg the bonus money one gets at the end of each round is kinda small...

BTW, by the 60th round i still hoped a round with no MOABs(4-6 per round from there on) to make some cash for extra SMs...