Reviews for "Gravity Grid"


The game has great concept and is very clever. I also think that the switch thing is genious! Great job!

great brainteaser!

this is a great strategy game...really keeps ur mind going...and the music is perfect...great for a day that was wasted on other mindless games lol...gets ur head back in the game...nicely done! 5/5 10/10


i like this game. it reminds me of the rubix cube.

BTW: i beat level 12

Level 16 and I'm stumped

Great game. Curious if the levels were random or if you calculated their difficulty.

Finally a game that doesn't punish you...

...for thinking outside the box. The beginning solutions are usually right in front of your face, but once you get to the later levels, and because you have unlimited tries, you are more than welcome to mix things up a little without fear of "losing" the game. And the fact that it saves the last level you played makes this game great to pick up and go anytime you have a few minutes. This would make a great mini-game for the Nintendo DS.