Reviews for "Gravity Grid"


dude! i got 17! and then!!...no more..i cant get out of 17


A little repetitive for my tastes. While puzzles can be fun, there is only one solution for each scenario. The music was a bit biting to ones brain.


Good puzzle game. Too bad that arent actually physics... And make a special dificulty [sandbox] where we can move the.. cube everytime no-limit of lifes. I dint liked cuz this dosent have physics actually.With physics i imagine a great game [in dreams] anyway good game.

It was fun!

Great puzzle game!
You've taken collapse, and made it into something unique :]
It really makes you use your brain.

The level editor was a great idea.

Probly good for iPhone.

I thought it was pretty good. Its ALOT like Aoura Faint on iPhone though.

If anyone has an iPhone the game is free btw.

Keep it up!