Reviews for "Gravity Grid"


it was a VERY VERY VERY good idea but sadly I didn't like it so much couse it was a bit too hard


UMM that is probably the worst game ever (nice concept though) it's basicly no fun maybe if you added sum more features then it would be more fun

Nice ;)

I like puzzle games and this is one of them :D

Great game

I really like this game, even if i'm no good at it. It's imaginative and new but simple as well. I also liked the tutorial on the load screen, a great idea. Keep up the good work!

Good concept, needs polish

I like the idea a lot, but the music and graphics make it very repetitive. There's also a game design problem, which is this:

1) The nature of the puzzle makes it hard for a human to visualize things more than one or maybe two moves in advance, so when the correct solution is more than 5 or 6 moves deep, it's hard to see why the correct first move is correct. A puzzle much longer than that is almost impossible.

2) There are only 3 options available at any move, one of which is always obviously wrong, assuming no pieces were destroyed on the last move... I'll leave the proof of that to the reader. Therefore, for puzzles with solutions shorter than 5 or 6 moves, it's entirely possible for a person to get a solution by brute force.

3) Taking these together, it becomes clear that most puzzles are more easily solved by brute force than clever thinking, which is not good for a puzzle game.

That, combined with the weak presentation leads me to suggest that this game would be better off used as a single puzzle within the greater context of a Myst-like game, wherein part of the puzzle will be figuring out the rules. It's a clever idea, but I don't think it's strong enough to hold up as a game on its own.