Reviews for "Gravity Grid"

I enjoyed it.

Couldn't beat level 17, but in my defense It is late and I'm not sober. Overall the game is simple in cocept but complex in play, the ideal make p for a puzzler.. well done. A hint function would help as saybe said, but only if it was an option to take and not somthing that chimed in if you ''took to long''.


This is a good puzzle game. Although a hint feature would be much appreciated =P


Good work. It's a very original idea too, I don't think it's ever been done before! It did take a lot of thought but I think people just chose a random direction and saw what happened, which is fine but it's still not as fun because your not thinking of the problem. Good songs (nice one Rig) and great job for adding a level editor. Keep it up!

pretty good

confusing but good game play

Level 16 and I'm stumped

Great game. Curious if the levels were random or if you calculated their difficulty.