Reviews for "Mastermind: World Conqueror"

i love this game

this reminds of command and conquer! ilove this game!

Wait a minute... where are my cheesy snacks?!

Great game. First class grahics and animation, huge amount of interaction, more features then i've ever seen in a flash game, and funny cutscenes. Over all, great game... other than the fact that it seems to be a ripoff of the game "Evil Genious", which I used to have.

nice ending

"wait a minute, where are my cheesy snacks?....NOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!"


This game makes me feel like a world mastermind! Rofl. I guess it's all the awesome elements combined, like having to plot missions before executing them, attacking specific countries, and being able to hire certain patsies or henchmen.

Awesome work, Swain. Hail Mastermind!

Swain's Epic Masterpeice

Ah yes the long awaited game is here... (YAH NOW HE WELL MAKE MOKE BLOCKHEAD)

Any ways its great game play and voicing AND the many possibilys in the game.
But I'm Stuck. I know you can buy bases. but can how can you go to them? It says things such as "This base has no defence abilities but troops are less than $100"
I can't go to this base so as i play biming a base is mearly an upgrade but the effects arn't working. Its clear that I can can't figure out how to go to the base. So ive Clicked help where i thought i needed to but it tells me nothing. CAN SOME ONE PLEASE PM ME AND TELL ME HOW TO GO TO THE BASE. PLEASE!!!!!!! I WANT TO INJOY THIS GAME FULLY! OVAR 9000%! [sorry for the long rant]