Reviews for "Mastermind: World Conqueror"

Easily my favorite flash game of all time. I always come back to it. Really solid, unique game.

love the game but please add a mute button.

Absolutely great! Played it few years ago and I'm still coming back to it. Great work!

I really enjoy this game and find it to be one of the most well done games I've ever played on Newgrounds. However, I will say that the game is a bit too easy for my tastes as I manage to beat the game in about 30 minutes without using the other missions, weapons and other perks that you can buy to advance your goal. I would love to see an extra hard mode of this game so that it can really test my skills as a gamer.

I played this game several years ago when I came across it randomly (I wasn't a registered member at the time I played). It took me awhile to beat but I have to say:

this game is hands down one of the BEST flash games that I have EVER played! Period!

Where do I start? The dialogue, the voice acting (SUPERB JOB at the lineup by the way!), the characters, the dynamics, strategy, the incredibly refreshing and surprisingly satisfying humour. And of course I can't forget the little options of victory salutes at the end when you do finally win. Play this game you WILL NOT be disappointed! Some beat this game in less time but who cares? Everything from start to finish is practically flawless and I couldn't ask for a better flash game! Flash game "Mastermind: WC", you're doing it RIGHT =D