Reviews for "Mastermind: World Conqueror"

Great game.. Although I thought you could concur(Spelled it wrong?) Earth like taking over china... I kidnapped/ killed the leaders of china for awhile and then I said "WHATEVER LET'S BLOW IT UP!!"
And that's how I destroyed Earth.

This game is amazing, but not without its serious defects, numerous in its operation, the fundamental design of its gameplay and the obliviousness shown in handling of the details that I think are quite important for holding it all together and maximizing the significance of the whole experience. My biggest objection is that the last two patsies, Convict and Wadolf, you not unlocked get until you get to level 10, yet you're inevitably going to go ahead and win the game when you just get to 7, unless you suffered extra long, not performing the finishing move, like I did, all the way to level 10, just out of morbid curiousity over what is unlocked. And what a disappointment. They're useless when you get to that point, you've effectively already won the game, and it doesn't matter what attributes they have. It's just a whole bunch of trouble to see something that has too little value on its own to keep away from the player as some sort of half-baked easter egg. Also, I don't like that you cannot skip the tutorial, it's a big waste of time if you've already played it, and the part where it says "did you try clicking on the enemies to command all your minions to target them? Eh? Maybe next time." is obnoxious every time. Yes you twat, I DID click on the damn enemies this time. And "everything I JUST TAUGHT you", no bitch, you didn't just teach me anything! Then there are defects all through it. For instance your henchman can all of a sudden start punching (or swinging his sword or shooting or whatever) with no enemies around, and his kill count will just count up and up and up as if he's actually killing enemies. And the attacking enemies sometimes will flee so far off screen that the base NEVER ceases to be under attack because the last enemy is never actually taken care of. This also means your minions never heal and far worse that your base's structural integrity never regenerates either, all because of a cowardly attacker keeping its distance, preventing you from healing. Another thing that just happened to me, demonstrating how the variables themselves are handled in a really sloppy way, is that I got the "world event" that my one patsy, Vampyre, had become insolent, and I had to kill him or else lose all bonuses from patsies for 500 seconds. But you see, I got that world event TWICE SIMULTANEOUSLY! So I had two world events, and they were the same thing. So obligingly I killed him, just to see what would happen with the events. And when I hired Don Pizzeria and killed Vampyre, only one of the 2 events disappeared, the other one stopped having Vampyre's image in the corner, but replaced it with an exclamation point. Just as an experiment, I tried hiring a generic Lieutennant and NOW the remaining "insolent patsy" event had the generic Lieutennant's picture on it instead of the exclamation point! So obviously Vampyre had been occupying "patsy slot 1", and then Don Pizzeria was in slot 2, even after killing Vampyre, and then the next patsy I hired, then filled slot 1, and was "insolent" right from the get-go. The same thing happens if you have any two world events that are identical, which happens a lot. You'd think that doing the task or blowing up the city would take care of them both, but nope, any one thing you do can only take care of one world event (despite the game's claim that "blow up city" will resolve ALL events in that region; this is a lie). But back to the duplicate "insolent patsy" event, I'll bet you that I didn't even need to even have a patsy in slot 1 to lose the bonus on the one patsy I had, in slot 2, in all missions, probably just having the "insolent patsy" event still there even though it was applied to a nonexistent person was enough.

And then some of the "businesses" you can buy don't do ANYTHING. Like the 5 factories you can buy, it does nothing. And corporate headquarters, that 15000 dollar upgrade? Does nothing. Not in Philadelphia, not even at another base like the city skyscraper. Might as well not even be in the game. Not all 4 types of the turrets work AT ALL. I think it's only two of them that actually work, the cheapest one and the laser turret. The other two don't ever attack anything, they just sits there. So buy the cheapest type of turret, or the laser ones. Then there's the apparent fact that if you activate the supersoldier power, it not only makes the soldiers temporarily invulnerable, but the base itself too. It's also possible to plot a second science tutorial mission before the first one is executed if you really hustle at the beginning, it's obviously designed to prevent you from doing this, but not very well, because you can, if you hurry. And sometimes a REALLY weird bug happens. If your henchman dies in a certain way, a solid gray version of him may still appear running in place at your base when you try to call or recall him, and he'll still talk to you. It's just sloppy programming all around.

And then the details are sloppy. Unlike in the Mastermind videos proper, any time anyone talks here, their mouths don't move, their whole faces don't move, it's not even a wavering line for a mouth, it's not even trying, and I really don't like that, the lack of effort that it demonstrates. In the ending sequence, the subtitles are not even grammatically correct or matching with the audio! If you have ONE single patsy, he'll often say "thank you all for coming, we have much to discuss" as if he's addressing more than one person when you call a meeting to assign him to a task, and he'll often say "because you have failed me for the last time" even if you're executing a patsy who has never actually failed you! He should ALWAYS say "because I'm going to kill you now, mua ha ha ha!" every time in that case. And you know now, I even stop and wonder about those minions. They're all male minions, apparently. Before he can clone them, I could ask the eternal question of where he's getting them from, I can't just get cheap slaves on the fly like that. But even then, you know, once he can clone them, it seems to me, that doesn't really match with what we already know about him. I think he would clone large breasted female minions, once he can clone them. I'm just saying, I don't want to sound all SJW and whine about lack of diversity and crap like that, but it just seems to me that probably would be what the Mastermind would believably do, if he could cultivate a crop of warriors in a tank, they'd all be hot ladies, and it really would have been really cool if the minions you buy were all guys and the ones you create are all girls, it would make you pause and think about the reasons for it at least I think. And the cloned female soldiers wouldn't react the same way to Dark Ophelia, they wouldn't follow her (it?) around. Maybe some of them would, heh heh.

And finally, perhaps the biggest problem with the game is it's just too damn easy to win it. You don't really need patsies at all, or henchmen. I certainly didn't understand that feature or how to use them the first time I played it, and I certainly won the game the first time I played it. There's really no challenge to it. All in all, this has many elements of a great game, and it would be one, if just all the pieces fit together, and it was just designed well. It has a lot of untapped potential.

By the way, is the mastermind an alien, like the title character in MEGAmind played by Will Ferrell? This makes me suspicious. Just the way he appeared there in Philadelphia, ready to destroy the world. There's possibilities for a decent sci-fi fanfiction there, he could get to Earth as an innocent child, with the series of events that makes him who he becomes also explains the scars on his forehead and lip, and no one seeing it coming, that the main character of the story would grow up to be THE Mastermind until the end of the story maybe. Because there's no denying that he is true to his name, some kind of mastermind. How does he have all this technology, how can he do the things he can do? And he's got a genuine spaceship that he escapes on in the end. He's not just some punk with a penchant for crime, and he's pretty nonchalant about his version of "conquering" the Earth (I especially like his line at the end, the 4th button down - "what was it all for? Was it truly worth it in the end? Ah, YES! YES IT WAS!" - I like how he pronounced was, not "wuzz" like us ordinary mortals, but "wuhssss"). He's kind of like Shredder from TMNT to the 12th power, but unlike him, or unlike supervillains in general, I just can't imagine him ever getting his ass kicked, he'd have some sort of way of dealing with anything I think, even if you lose the game and they break into his base, he's like "why don't you shit on someone else's parade" without any touch of defeat in his voice. But he's got to be an alien, I figure.

That's all I had to say. It's odd that the mastermind game, the codebreaking game, is not here on newgrounds, only on armorgames. I wonder why, I don't know if it was here and was deleted or was never here. It even references newgrounds and one of his threats is to destroy Tom Fulp, that thing really deserves to be here too.

i dont think what the hell happen still not saving the game data,but geart game!

I still love this game

Great Game, though a bit too easy.
Lots and lots of humor make it worth while, but i feel that the game just isn't complete:

- only 6 towers max and 30 minons (no tanks or the like for the mastermind... wierd)
- way to easy once you go to the moon, no opposition there
- most features nearly pointless (like brainwash, kill anyone etc), so basically money and then science, everything else doesnt matter... a shame

could have been even better, but it was still pretty nice!