Reviews for "Mastermind: World Conqueror"


we love u! more mastermind animations!


I saw this in the portal and nearly wet myself. I love your works and Mastermmind..next to Blockhead of course...is the best!!
So..I don't have much to say really..the music is great, especially since you made it, I love the tutorial..the comedy was brilliant "Hope you brought a condom!" HAHA! And Masterminds ramblings...oh god. The voice acting of course is great. Hell..You are just great.


Okay, I literally almost crapped myself when I came to the Portal and saw this sitting in the judgement slot. And that near-action was well-founded. I may have only just now gotten through the tutorial sector, but rest assured, I'm going to need to clear out my week's free-time slots in order to devote them to this monster. Looks like I'm in for a nice, long week of nonstop world-conqouring action. The layout of menus and upgradable aspects of gameplay are SPUCKING FECTACULAR, and I do believe that I am going to enjoy myself.

Now to go fix my War Strategy Snack Kit- a mix of large glasses of iced beverages, several bags of Sun Chips and Hot Fries, and a big package of cookies. Plus a stero system pumping out sheer ROCK.

Hold my calls.

The Swain strikes Again

Again another awesome game from one of my favorites animator's. <3 MasterMind.


One word: Brilliant.

The Swain is a truly a mastermind. ;)

Thank you!