Reviews for "Mastermind: World Conqueror"


This game rocks actually one of the best flash games i played maybe even the best :D

Great Stuff!

Real great stuff right here! I really like how there are in game cut-scenes in relation to what action has been conducted (i.e. differences between kidnapping a criminal over a politician.). Another plus is the fact that this game has different gaming elements; conquer the world, manage businesses, Real Time Strategy. And it's all hand drawn to boot! Thanks for making an extremely addictive game, Swain.

P.S: Master Pain, hell yeah!


I love the movies and this was an awesome idea and well executed.

Pretty amazing

Lives up to the standards of strategy games that people actually go to stores and pay for. The graphics look incredible and the gameplay is really deep. I like how although the setup is very techy, you have still maintained a personal feel.

Great game, I look forward to playing more



That game was phenomenal you really got it there.
You just earned a 5/5