Reviews for "Mastermind: World Conqueror"


It's a play once kind of game for me, but it's a game I will remember for a long time.
It's a Great!

I love this game i thinks its awsome

awsome game nice one....love the way the game plays. Love the way you can navigate around the level brill

Truly great game

I thought this was a fantastic job!
The gameplay was addictive from the system of planning robberies to the hiring of henchmen (All of which are halrious).
The sound was five stars I was really blown away by the voiced tutorial which although wasn't a massive part of the game really helped to create such a proessional feel.
There was plenty to do and it was time consuming (in the good kind of time consuming way) but what really sealed this as a top 50 flash in my eyes was how you mixed humour so well into it in the form of little clips for each of the missons, fantastic.

anyway i'll stop blabbing

Great game hope you make another!

Greatest Flash Game Ever

10/10, 5 stars, absolutely brilliant.
Hilarious, well-programmed, challenging, hilarious, great graphics, incredibly addictive and did I mention HILARIOUS?
It's worth playing through many times just to see all the Patsies. :)

Great game!

Its a interesting, funny and nice game!