Reviews for "Mastermind: World Conqueror"

Good Game..

yup really liked the graphics and game play and also appreciate the hard work put into this game.. 9 rating is only because I don't approve of the bad language.. lol

pretty funny and worth spending a few hours on.. good job to the creator =D

Just like Evil Genius

I love this game, but a few months after playing it, I found a game called Evil Genius by Vivendi, and this is just like it, from the henchmen to the board directors, to the heist map. Did you use that as inspiration? Oh, and your game is awesome by itself. Reply soon!

"Destorying is conquering, i looked it up."

The best game ever!
"well time to fuck off to space, thanks guys i owe you one."
"what an asshole." *BOOOOOOOOM!!!*
"look at you now earth, wait, where are my cheezy snacks, NOOOO!!!"

"Time to #@%$ off to space"

Im not a big fan of games here,but this one blew my mind,well done.


10/10 and 5/5 BEST GAME EVER