Reviews for "Mastermind: World Conqueror"

My only complaint is that the game was too easy.
I didn't even get to use all the henchmen and patsies.
Still I played it for 3 hours straight, possibly one of the best strategy games on Newgrounds.

10 years passed, still one of the best flash games out there!)
Dafuq else was I supposed to expect from The-Swain, I guess?
Update: I found the reason of the Infinite Attack Bug:
It's the Yellow Infantryman! Do not let them run away too far, or they'll "fall out from the map" into the limbo, where they'll live eternaly, prolonging the Attack.
To do so, constantly order your troops to Retereat by clicking at your base, before any of the Infantrymen escape, so the Yellow bitches will come closer to your attack range.
This must be an enemy AI problem.

This game is surely a legend.

The game is fun. It's easy to pour hours into thanks to the interesting voice acting, though I wish it was easier to stay in longer and that your units betrayed you more. The art was good and I love how it was more or less a parody of every single villan. And the ending is absolutely phenominal. For when this was made, I would spend around 50 bucks on this game. Outstanding work.

Does it hold up now? Less so but it still certianly does. The bugs, artwork and certian other aspects aren't as nice; but again. For what this WAS it was a peice of art and even if this was released modern day it would get 4.5 stars from me. Amazing work.

I like it. Simple as that.