Reviews for "Mastermind: World Conqueror"

HAIL MASTERMIND! (Even though he's kind of an a-hole.)

Perfect blend of RTS, humor, and evil high jinks that we come to expect from supervillains and their loyal (for some reason) minions.

I played this a while ago. Loved it then, saw it, remembered that I loved it, replayed it, still love it.

Now be a good boy/girl and hand over the stars! Mastermind needs 'em for evil stuff!

I played it so many times and I never bother to play it more!
It would be amusing if it'll be made an app out of this game!!!

5 estrellas por el mexicano XD

I am not happy right now... Although this is an amazing game. The game crashed for no reason and I guess it didn't save. I have been playing for 2-3 hours straight....

Easily my favorite flash game of all time. I always come back to it. Really solid, unique game.