Reviews for "Meat Boy"

Nice !

I like the blood details ^^


This is one of the strangest characters I've ever encountered, but the game is just so addictive. I especially love the blood that squirts from Meat Boy whenever he happens to land or hit a wall; it's particularly visually effective. Interesting concept/story basis, and really it's just a blast to play! It's not as hard as you make it out to be though; managed to get through every level. :D Love it to pieces, though. Faved, fived, and ten review points. All well deserved from such a brilliant game that's well designed and sufficiently comical. Much love.

-Meat boy is Hard! -Yes it is >_<

Hey there!

It's cool to see flash games where the main character doesn't move too slooooowly. (Even if it's a meatball) In fact, the meat guy moves a bit too fast and it's totally uncontrollable >_< Otherwise, the game has lots of levels, a cool editor, band aids to collect for hard-core gamers (errr actually...why band aids???), cool gore effects and cool retro musics.

Keep up the good work!

I was hooked.

Thank you for infinite lives! I tried but had to give up! Really good game!

Only thing I would want more of is variety. I mean meat man is always moving up. Couldn't you at least make a few levels side scrolling or add a new idea to it like a meat ship that changes the way you conrol our scrolling hero? Something.. So by the end of the game I don't feel like I did the same thing for the past fifty levels.



Good and original!

I love the blood physics...
I would have actually liked a little inkling of a story...
Even just a...
"Meatboy and Bandaidgirl where enjoying a nice walk when..."

But the characters where original...
and I liked the enemy...