Reviews for "Meat Boy"


The controls were way too sensitive for my taste, nice graphics and such but the gameplay?

Good Job

Graphics were great, and i loved the
typical platformer style;
someone takes your woman and now
your chasing after her.
But i don't think you guys actually chose
to make the game difficult, i think it just
happened out of the substandard controls.
Along with that, the hittests weren't too great,
if one pixel of your meat is touching the edge pixel of the fire
you were dead. Making the game a little more difficult and
a little more annoying to me knowing that i really
shouldn't have died if more than 9/10 of the meat
was really on the platform.

But nonetheless, it was a good game.
I did enjoy myself even though the controls
could have been much better.
Great job you two.


Great game overall. My only complaint would be the traction and air control when shifting from a hard left to a right and vice versa. Doesn't hurt the game but during frustrating moments Meat boy can start getting out of control.


Lol. The meat is hard. Good game though.

Great game..

I actually like the game a lot, but im mostly going to complain in this review because a lot of the design choices are just wrong to me..

The game is basically N+, which relies on great controls. Yet the controls are really unforgiving. As are the crazy collision detections, where if you even toutch the edge of the fire tile, youre fucked.

Not sure why you limited yourself to retro (but inconsistant) graphics, because you are amazing at fbf animation and art, so the graphics are pretty average.

Now look.. i know you said "meatboy is Hard" and that i dont need to do every level.. but that isnt a get-out-of-jail free card to try and forgive the gameplay. Its just a poor excuse for bad design, an it doesnt work. The game is way too unforgiving, and doesnt reward the player enough!

Also, a time attack mode (piss easy to tag on), would add tons of replay value for anyone who can actually finish the game without clawing off their own face.

Anyway, i usually love your games! But i just like this one... please respond :p