Reviews for "Meat Boy"


i love meat boy it is one of those addicting games

this is simply awesome!!!!

i loved how the maet leaves blood in his path and its very adicting!!!

good game

I liked playing this. It gave a good challenge and there was a learning curve. Once I got the hang of the character moving it got a bit easier. Some of the levels were still challenging. I passed all the levels until I got to the "hell" levels. Those are damn hard :). I'll probably try them some time later.

The option that you only need to pass 3 levels out of 5 is a good idea. Helps the noobies a little.

Overall good game, I liked it. Good job lads :).


This is an awesome game. The graphics and story were very well done, and the gameplay was really fun and challenging. You also picked some very good music for this game, it fits the theme. Pretty cool too that you can use a 360 controller to play. Overall a 10/10, 5/5

Great work

I love the design and the ability to actually tell a story in a flash game, props guy.