Reviews for "Meat Boy"

R8 5! Loved Your Game And Completed 100%. Thanks :)

Did you know that when Edmund McMillen says "It's peanut-butter jelly time!", every gosh didly darn person on the North-Western continent sits down and has a peanut butter and jelly sandwich? It must be true, the game told me so. And apparently all the bananas start dancing too. He must never actually do it though, since I haven't actually had a peanut-butter jelly sandwich in over 30 years.

I understand this is actually harder than super meat boy. I can say I just won all the levels, none of that doing 3 out of 5 crap for me. Though I didn't get all the bandaid bonuses because that is just too much of a nuisance. I notice he reused the same sound effect for getting the keys in time fcuk that he used for the bandaid bonuses here.

I love the glurpy sound effect starting from the salt factory.

It loses half a star for the ending. WTF was the point of that. That was just ucky and excessive. And also where did that huge crap come out from? Dr. Fetus is a fetus in a jar, did it come out of the jar's asshole then? Because it certainly was too big for anything that came out of that fetus, not that fetuses actually eat anything, there should be nothing in its digestive tract, all its food is supplied by blood. But anyway, if Bandaid girl could do that the whole time, why didn't she kick Dr. Fetus's ass from the beginning? Instead of making meat boy go through all that crap over and over, getting kidnapped all those times. It was like that game (which I guess came later) Super Pig where you save her and she's like "I hate you" and runs off. I notice that SHE happily will sit around being bombarded by guns that will kill Meat Boy waiting for him to rescue her, so I guess she's tougher than him? So why does she need to be rescued! The entitled privileged bitch! She probably abuses him. That's what my money's on. She probably ran off with Dr. Fetus because Dr. Fetus is an alpha male with all sorts of money for his evil scientist laboratory and Meat Boy is just a cuck, and she never loved him and was only pretending to need to be rescued because she wanted to divorce-rape Meat Boy and steal all his stuff in the alimony and child support settlement, and was inches away from legally changing her name to Bandaid Fetus, and only curbstomped Fetus's ass there because not just mooning but defecating was more than she could handle and being an emotional being, she acted without thinking and ruined her evil wicked plans. Plus she wanted to make him jump through fire and blades and salt just to test him as a slave. Man I'm glad I'm not a Meat Boy. Because then I would be vulnerable to salt, fire or spinning blades and would be totally whipped (it's a good thing I'm invulnerable to fire and spinning blades because I'm exposed to that on a daily basis). Oh wait... maybe I'll get Meat Boy powers if I tear off my skin. I'll go do that right away.

It's a decent game. Or should I say an indecent game? It takes just the right amount of time and skill to do I think. But it ain't no Time Fcuk and it certainly ain't no Aether. Be sure to play my maps in that by the way, they're the best ones.

Also, when you die and respawn, on some of the maps it really takes a long time to load and start it up again, presumably if it's a complex level, there must be a better way of doing it so it doesn't spend the time it does reinitializing the variables.

Yusss i've beat the game

Very neat and cool platformer, that still holds it's greatness till today. The soudtracks from Danny B were totally on point and I especially liked the level design, it was very creative and well thought out.
I also liked how you could unlock new characters and they would have different... stuff that they spill.

This game kind off reminds me of Hexagon by Terry Cavanagh: Both games are a flash prototype of a game that eventually became very succesful and got a "Super" added to its name and both are quite difficult, but addictive games.
Anyways, that's it for this game, it's REALLY enjoyable and fun to play, but sometimes still quite frustrating :( Let's see what the map pack has to offer! :D

Simply put, this is an AMAZING game. While a bit on the short side, only being 55 levels long, this game has replay-ability in the collectible bandages, as well as the level editor, which could occupy your time for hours. The only thing I could ask more from this game is that I be able to delete and edit levels (seriously). I'm planning on getting Super Meat Boy soon, and it somehow looks so much better then even this already flawless core game. Each level is beautifully designed, and just beautiful in general. It truly feels like I'M controlling this character in a deadly but fair obstacle course. I'm taking off a half of a star for lack of the ability to edit/delete levels, but the rest of the game is fantastic. My final rating is: 9/10